¿Sabes? Odio la televisión

sisi escribió esto a las 9:53

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You know, I hate television. I did see a great TV show out in Ohio recently and it was on at 6 a. m. and it was lot of lunch menus, what they were serving for lunch in the high schools and junior high schools around town that day. So you’d hear this great music, real happy music, and theses words would scroll by:


Now, I don’t know who was up at 6 watching this show. But I did give you a chance to check whether or not you like the menu. And if not, you could make sure you brought your own lunch.
Now, in my opinion, this is television at this best.

Laurie Anderson from “Personal Service Announcement #6″ . 1990

La trascripción no la he hecho yo. La penúltima frase no es exacta pero debe tener un sentido parecido. Si alguien la entiende mejor que lo diga, please.

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